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Put America Back To Work

80% Success Rate for Resume

Meet Steve C., from Pittsburgh. Like many laid-off executives, he was given an outplacement package with job-search “help” that flopped — “0” job offers in 9 months. In his ordinary job search, Steve emailed his resume “hundreds of times” to employers, with no response. (Sound familiar?) But in a Guerrilla Job Search, coached by Mark more »

Climber’s Catalyst: Social Media Convergence for the Job Seeker

** To View Climber Catalyst offerings and capabilities first-hand register for free HERE In a challenging economic environment, we often assume that the number of unemployed provides target rich active candidates that are easily assessable. The unexpected complication however reveals a more complex introduction exchange between recruiter and job seeker. The disenfranchised effected by layoffs more »

How to Save Your Cover Letter from the 'DELETE' Key!

How to Save Your Cover Letter from the ‘DELETE’ Key!

As “headhunter” and author Skip Freeman points out in this blog, the vast majority of cover letters are boring, without direction and are therefore doomed to experience the old “DELETE” Key! As Skip further points out, though, it doesn’t have to be that way! He shows you how to write an effective, creative cover letter that is very likely to get the attention of a recruiter/hiring manager and generate a response!

Commando Job Search Tactic #1: Be Hunted

It’s a million times easier for yoiu to answer the phone than to try and get an employer to talk to yoiu if you’re looking for one – right!

Day 3 – The 12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting

In grade school we learned the 3 Rs of Reading, wRriting and aRithmetic. Those were our most important lessons [ok so I’m dating myself]. For job-hunters it’s Research, Relevancy, and Resiliency which will deliver an A+ interview.

Sex sells.

Does your resume excite and motivated people like lingerie from Victoria’s Secrets or keep them guessing like flannel? Make it easy for an employer to see what they’re after. And what exactly is sexy to an employer? Quantifiable results and accomplishments! Prepare a 1 page resume and dress it up with the names and logos of the major clients you’ve sold. Employers want to know about your wins first not your responsibilities. Boring black and white resumes are like flannel nighties – they’re comfortable but may not get you the attention you’re looking for.

The 7 Rules of Engagment with Head-hunters: Rule 2

The 7 Rules of Engagment is a multi-part article so you may wish to start here. 2nd Rule of Engagement: Find a head-hunter BEFORE you need a new job. Most job hunters are a lot like people who drive their cars until they run out of gas: pathetic souls standing on shoulder of life’s highway waitng for someone to stop and help them out. Not smart. Don’t wait until you know you’re going to be reallocated to make friends with a headhunter because we all know 99% of people wait until their heads are in the guillotine and the blades being dropped before they wisper sweet nothings in our ears. Too late! In business you always try to stay ahead of the curve. Plan ahead! Put another way, you bought life insurance to prepare for the inevitable – treat your career as your biggest asset – goodness knows it’s not your house anymore. You need to have a six-month runway to work a head-hunter strategically. Your initial contact is to let the head-hunter know you exist. Your goal is to get them to keep you in mind for career-building positions opportunities and/or to market you. Want more ideas like these?…

Job hunter, want to be paid like basketball MVP Steve Nash?

Then act like an MVP. The more you appear to be instrumental to a company’s success [with out the mind numbing ego part] the more bargaining power you have. Be forth coming

From MVP to MPA: The 7 Rules of Engagment with Head-hunters

In his article The Odds of Getting A Job With a Recruiter, John Sumser says that , "the overall odds are about 1 in 28,520 (.0035%) that your conversation with a headhunter will land you a job." I disagree. The odds are far worse – mostly because John’s math is more generous than it should be. But you can beat the odds if… you understand the 7 Rules of Engagement. Most job hunters have no idea how to interact or what to expect from a real head-hunter like Skip Freeman or myself for that matter. BUT – headhunters can be a great ally in your job search if you know the Rules or Engagement – which we will start talking about right now. 1st Rule of Engagement: Act like an MPA… Yesterday I asked if you wanted to be paid like basketball MVP Steve Nash? Steve has been chosen multiple times as the NBA’s Most Valuable Player. The recruiting industry has an equivalent designation – that you either have or don’t have – and it will determine whether you are successful with a recruiter. That designation is MPA or "Most Placeable Applicant" or "Most Placeable Candidate". By acting like the…

The 7 Rules of Engagment with Head-hunters: Rule 3

3rd Rule of Engagement: Be Selective – Target Your Efforts

Don’t bother sending your resume to all 1,000,000 recruiters; find one who specializes in recruiting your talents

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