Life After 50: Shock and Awe

Meet Steve C., frPut America Back To Work - Life After 50om Pittsburgh. Like many laid-off executives, he was given an outplacement package, which included job-search “assistance” that simply didn’t work — 0 job offers in 9 months. But after working with ace Guerrilla Job Search Coach, Mark Haluska,

Steve had 8 interviews and 6 offers in only 6 weeks

That’s 6 job offers in 6 WEEKS.

Click the picture just below to see the video

This video was taken the day after Steve accepted an offer that exceeded all his expectations.

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  1. The idea of seeking employment after age 50 appears to be a plague in today’s economic environment. Steve C was at least provided some opportunity, not unlike the 15.8 million blind and visually impaired adults in this country who are continually passed bye or as many may care to state HR turns a blind eye failing to identify and recognize one of America’s most dependable and viable resources in the workforce place.

    I know I am one of the many, over 50 with an MBA in managment and operations yet one interview in five years? It is not from lack of trying but more in line with lack of employer participation and recongnition of good hard working Americans.

    Now is the time for American’s to step up to the plate and let our government know they among the many continue with wasteful spending, failing to place disabled civilians not veterans in job opportunities and the private sector needs to get of the “whats in it for me ” bandwagon and allow American’s of all walks of life go back to work, and rebuild our great nation.

    We are trying so please join our cause write to us:

    New Visions of America, Inc.
    P.O. 1016
    Montrose, Colorado 81402

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