The 7 Rules of Engagment with Head-hunters: Rule 2

The 7 Rules of Engagment is a multi-part article so you may wish to start here.

2nd Rule of Engagement: Find a head-hunter BEFORE you need a new job.    

Most job hunters are a lot like people who drive their cars until they run out of gas: pathetic souls standing on shoulder of life's highway waitng for someone to stop and help them out.  Not smart.  Guillotine

Don’t wait until you know you’re going to be reallocated to make friends with a headhunter because we all know 99% of people wait until their heads are in the guillotine and the blades being dropped before they wisper sweet nothings in our ears. 

Too late!  In business you always try to stay ahead of the curve.  Plan ahead! 

Put another way, you bought life insurance to prepare for the inevitable – treat your career as your biggest asset – goodness knows it’s not your house anymore. 

You need to have a six-month runway to work a head-hunter strategically.  Your initial contact is to let the head-hunter know you exist.  Your goal is to get them to keep you in mind for career-building positions opportunities and/or to market you.

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