The 7 Rules of Engagment with Head-hunters: Rule 3

The 7 Rules of Engagment is a multi-part article so you may wish to start here.

3rd Rule of Engagement: Be Selective – Target Your Efforts

Don’t bother sending your resume to all 1,000,000 recruiters; find one who specializes in recruiting your talents. Target marketing

Recruiters generally specialize by geography, function, or industry, or a combination.  Go to and put in your city, industry and the word ‘head-hunter.' Voila!  More head-hunters than you can shake a stick at.  Read their sites carefully. 

Check out Kennedy Publications for their list of top head-hunters at Kennedy is THE authority.

woundeer what a really smart job hunter would do?  They would infiltrate the largest recruiter specific web site on teh planet to find out how recruiters think and what they do to find candiates AND then they owuld reverse engineer that so they could be found… wait that's what my book Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters is about.  Don't do that!

But do go and read what the industry luminaries think: Bill Humbert, Donato Diorio, Animal, Rayanee Throne

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