The 7 Rules of Engagment with Head-hunters: Rule 5

The 7 Rules of Engagment is a multi-part article so you may wish to start here.

5th Rule of Engagement: Use industry standard technology to deliver your resume to a headhunter you DO NOT know.Standby

Don't assume that recruiters have every possible technology in place to receive and read your  resume. We don't AND while you make think you're being 'cool' and showing them you can use the latest and greatest technology… they might not be as smart as you are and can't read it. 

Lord knows they're not going to ask you to resend it in a format they can use because:

a. they don't know you so they don't care

b. they don't know they should care

c. they don't care.

Headhunters sometimes get  messages that say, "Use your Web browser to log onto my personal Web site and download a copy."  Forget it.  Only use industry standard technology unless you’re instructed otherwise. 

Unless you have specifically been told to send it in Word Perfect, Word or as PDF or told to post it on your LinkedIn profile so they can go and download it… copy and paste a text version into the message.  Create a compelling subject line and use their name in the headline.  Subject lines with "Dear Recruiter" are treated as SPAM – and not the good luncheon meat kind 😉

Lastly if you have a spam alert messaging service that automatically blocks people who aren't known to you and require the recipient to fill out a detailed life history in order to qualify to have their message delivered to you… you might want to rethink that strategy OR at least see if you can automatically 'whitelist' those people you send messages to so when they respond they are not trapped by the filter. 

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