The 7 Rules of Engagment with Head-hunters: Rule 6

The 7 Rules of Engagment is a multi-part article so you may wish to start here.

6th Rule of Engagement: Headhunters recruit; career counsellors counsel!

Headhunters like myself are constantly inundated with requests for free career counselling, Lucy - the doctor is in free resume writing advice, free practice interview sessions, free job leads, etc.

While most of us are more than qualified in all of the above, our ‘real' job is to hunt heads for our client companies. Don’t expect you’re doing someone like me a favor by letting us “have a look at your resume” or “giving us the opportunity to market you”. 

You're not!

If you want career advice go see a career counselor – it's money well invested. 

You can find a ton of them on LinkedIn.  I even know a few myself: like Mark Haluska [ok – Mark is also a dam fine headhunter] or Cindy Howes with years and years of HR and change management experience.

Lastly, while career counselors get paid to help you 'find yourself and match that up to a great career – headhunters get paid when they place you – remember that difference and you'll do well.

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