The 7 Rules of Engagment with Head-hunters: Rule 7

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6th Rule of Engagement: "Don't Talk to Strangers…"

If you have a job don't trust your career to a stranger. 

Having your resume ‘shotgun blasted Headley to every one of your current employer's competitors is a career-limiting move.  I know, years ago I worked with a fellow who – while you were in his office being interviewed – had his secretary blasting your resume out to the 400 companies that were pre-programed in the fax machine.  More than once he had a candidate's resume end up on his bosses desk. 

Working with a professional head-hunter can be a very rewarding experience for you and your career.  We tend to be connected to the people you want to know. So ask someone you know for a referral.  Who do you know that has landed a job lately?  Did they meet any great headhunters? Ask! 

Also, finding the bad ones ahead of time will save you some grief, so ask if they bumped in to one that's just plain horrible.  And ask why they thought it was a horrible meeting.   Always qualify the advice or referrals people give you because the headhunter could be fantastic, but just not deal in the area your friend was looking and refuse to help them.  That's fair.  Everyone is entitled to make a living.

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