“How to Put America Back to Work
in Your City or School — Free”

“For a limited time only, America’s Guerrilla Job Search experts
will train your group in person at no cost”

“As seen on ABC-TV, The New York Times, Fortune Magazine, and others …”

From: David Perry and Kevin Donlin

Dear Friend,

Maybe you’ve seen us on TV, in The Wall Street Journal, or Fortune Magazine … or you were referred by a friend … or you’ve read our book, “Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0.”

We don’t care how you got here.

We care about just one thing: We want to Put America Back To Work….Fast.

Since 1996 – in good times and in recessions – we have helped many thousands of Americans find work fast.

Now, we’d like to come to your city, school, or job-search group, and show you how to get hired faster using our very latest Guerrilla Job Search tips.

And we’re willing to help you — at NO cost beyond travel expenses.

Why will we waive our normal speaking fees? Because we’re on a mission to put Americans back to work in 2013, and we realize the fastest way to reach critical mass is to speak to as many people as possible and share our methods with them.

Let’s face it: the old rules of job hunting no longer work. That’s why our Guerrilla Job Search methods are getting so much attention in the media, with recent coverage in The New York Post, Fortune Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and NBC-TV (Minneapolis), among others.

Can we do it? Yes! Because our unconventional Guerrilla Job Search methods work when ordinary methods fail.

Watch the video proof — the two women on the right of the screen saw us speak in Detroit and were hired only 7 weeks later. Meanwhile, the average job search in America lasts almost 9 months— according to U.S. Labor Bureau January 2014 statistics.

Here’s how you can help, by allowing us to speak to your city, school, or group:

1. In an email message to dperry@perrymartel.com, tell us the following:

  • your name and phone number
  • your organization’s name,
  • how many people you’d like us to speak to,
  • when, and where.

2. Also, tell us, in 50 words or less, why you’d like us to speak to your group.

3. Confirm that your group can pay our travel expenses, which are usually less than $1,700 – incl economy air fare, hotel and meal per diem.

And ask us how our event can pay for itself — and even make you a profit. You’ll get a complete promotional and ticket-selling package at no charge! Ask for details.

We’ll speak to any group of 50 or more people that you put in a conference room or auditorium.

This is all on a first-come, first-helped basis. And our schedules are limited to 1 event per month in 2014.

So email us now dperry@perrymartel.com if you want to Put America Back to Work, starting in your city, school, or organization.


David Perry, Managing Partner, Perry-Martel International

Founder, Guerrilla Job Search

P.S. — We’re giving away DVDs of our recent seminar. One man in the audience got a 6-figure job 8 days later. Three other people had new jobs only 7 weeks later. In Detroit. Where nobody is hiring. What did they see? Click here to find out.