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Day 12


On the 12th Day of Christmas – Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters revealed to me:


12 Bloggers Blogging


1.      Chris Brogan – if blogging is a part of your strategy for being FOUND and always hounded to interview for the best jobs  [how horrible is that] and you need a boost to get you going – Chris is it.  If you don’t know who Chris is, here’s the short version: New York Times bestselling co-author of Trust Agents, and a featured columnist at Entrepreneur Magazine. In short the go-to-guy for learning how to blog or mastering your voice.

2.      Recruiting Animal and Recruiting Bloggers is the best roundup of thought leaders on job search and recruiting currently available for free on the Net.  Recruiting Animal is the site to bookmark for a look at the world of recruiting and job hunting packed with both wisdom and wit.  Animal hosts a weekly call in show that shouldn’t be missed. 

3.      John Sumser– I‘m cheating already [changing the rules] by introducing you to John Sumser who is THE industry pundit on all things recruiting related.  Attracting and recruiting the best talent is the first step in creating a superior workforce and John demystifies this multi-billion dollar industry everyday.  If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s new and what works this is the place to start your day.  Beware politically correct people: John doesn’t pull any punches and always calls it as he sees it. 

4.      SixDegrees – Dave Mendoza and Shally [again] deliver up a weekly potpourri of what’s hot in recruiting including behind the scenes stories on some of America’s hottest recruiters.  Dave’s in-depth interview of super recruiter Valerie Scarsellato from Intel is a hot not to be missed episode..

5.      Brazen Careerist – written by serial entrepreneur and career smarts guru Penelope Trunk.  There’s plenty to learn from a this witty writer who previously founded three of her own companies. Penelope has endured an IPO, a merger and a bankruptcy. She also played professional beach volleyball.  Her energy and insight is fabulous. Her book, Brazen Careerist: New Rules for Success is a huge hit – especially with GenY, but everyone can learn from it. 

6.      Jim Stroud – [who writes like a drill sergeant on steroids] has insights for both candidates and recruiters.  If you Google his booklet “Resume Forensics” you’ll be blown away by the insight he’ll give you on the trouble recruiters go to looking for candidates.   [A clever guerrilla job hunter is always interested in how the other side thinks and works.]  If you want to be found you should know where and how they’re looking.  Right?  Right.  It’s the job search equivalent of casting your lure where the fish are jumping.  

7.      Peter Clayton runs Total – THE leading portal for podcasts on career management and recruiting – more than 500 in-depth interviews so far.  Are you trying to network your way into Research In Motion (BlackBerry), Nike, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Wyndham Worldwide, IBM, Taleo, Unisys, Booz? Do a keyword search on for companies you’ve targeted. Listening to the interviews with these executives will give you great insights, and a lead-in to a phone call that few will have the good sense to use: “ Hi ___ I just listened your interview with….” Immediately, you’ve shown you’re far more resourceful and genuinely interested in the organization than 90% of the people trying to get in the same door.

8.      Jason Alba – personal friend and all around great guy and guru on all things LinkedIn.  Jason owns and operates JibberJobber which in itself is impressive – given he wrote this tool to keep track of his own job search BEFORE realizing he could turn it into a business – but he’s ventured out beyond his Midwest roots to give talks on how to best use LinkedIn as a job hunter. 

9.      “Slouch” – that’s a synonym for “leading-edge”, brings us which is the recruiting industries newest cutting edge blog by recruiters for recruiters.  Want to know how we think?  What we do and how we find you?  Log in here and join us – just don’t tell Jason I was the one who told you about itJ 

10.   Peggy McKee is known as the “Medical Sales Recruiter” but her job search advice is relevant for ALL sales professionals.   I think that between reading her blog and Harry Joiner’s blog for marketing people, you’ll “Know Your S*it and go with the flow”.  Get a dialy does of reality and commonsense by subscribing to their RSS feeds.

11.   Rayanne Thorn is the newly minted marketing director for Broadbean, Inc. and an avid blogger with a distinct voice. Her daily take on life is fresh, centered and replete with optimism.  Rayanne writes about “life” as experienced through the eyes of a recruiter.  She looks at the ups and downs of this roller-coaster industry, fraught with extreme highs and the daily “lows” of reality.   If you really want to understand what an excellent recruiter can do for your career – tune in to “Bonus Track”  

12.   Every industry has its “God Father” – Gerry encapulates that role for the recruiting industry in a good way J  Gerry and his business partner Mark Mehler understand job hunting and recruiting from the inside out and all 3 sides of the desk: candidate, recruiter, employer.  There annual survey of how companies hire is an inside look at what works


Merry Christmas

Day 11 – The 12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting 2.0

Day 11


On the 11th Day of Christmas – Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters revealed to me:


11 Ways to Land a Job Today


Perhaps networking, cold-calling aren’t for you.  You should try any way.  Having said that there are many other ways to break the ice and get into see an employer.  Here are eleven  which have all been successfully used in the past. 

  1. Starbucks Coffee Cup Caper

  2. Trojan Cover letter

  3. Send ½ your resume Santa fast

  4. Write a prospecting letter

  5. Send a letter stating you’re over qualified.

  6. Do a Competitive Analysis

  7. Call Human Resources

  8. Get a job-search buddy

  9. Use personal letterhead and envelopes

  10. Recruit your Tribe

  11. Become "The Expert"


Guerrilla Job Search Advice

  • Be bold!
  • Be passionate!
  • Be creative!
  • Be tasteful!      
  • Be safety conscious.
  • Be image conscious.
  • Enlist a personal army of helpers.
  • Offer a reward to anyone who helps you secure an interview or job.
  • Involve the media whenever you can.

In the end it’s your life… and you’re unique, so don’t do exactly what others have done.

Send me your success stories –  


Day 10 – the 12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting 2.0

Day 10

On the 10th Day of Christmas –  Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters revealed to me:

 10 Super Motivators Motivated

As you can probably tell I’m pretty practical.  A block & tackle kind of just get at it guy.  I know you know that looking for job is a sales and marketing activity.  I also know that the loneliness of prospecting whether for a job or new business will eventually get even the toughest battle hardened war horse down.  No. No. No. Is not Yes-Yes-Yes!!!   So you have to have a reliable way to beat the stinking thinking.

When you realize that the basic aim of every company is to stay in business, you can begin to position yourself as a solution to their need to create and serve the customers who keep them in business, rather than focusing on your need for a job.  Understanding this helps you position yourself as a solution to their needs instead of just another job-hunter.

Solution selling is in vogue all across America for a very good reason – it works.  In solution selling you begin by understanding your customer’s business and therefore the need for your product’s solution.  Solution sales people focus on the benefits of their product, not the features.  The benefits they emphasize are the ones they know the buyer needs.  They know what the buyer needs because they’ve researched the company to discover what its “pain points” are. 

When sales people focus on solution selling, they increase the value of their products and services, because their product is not viewed as just another “list of features” like those of every competitor.   As a job-hunter, you increase your value exponentially wSee you at the tophen you focus on the employer’s needs.  Here are the best of the best for tuning up your attitude!

Zig Ziglar – is America’s #1 motivational trainer. His down-home common sense approach  to life is uplifting. His personal energy is infectious and genuine.  To keep yourself motivated and all charged “up” I can’t encourage you enough to subscribe to his Daily Insights news letter. Your spirits will soar. 

Chris Russell –  is the “voice” of job hunting as the Online Job Search Guy at Secrets of The Job Hunt  This should become your premier source for a daily dose of job hunting insight and intelligence.  Not only does Chris podcast interviews from some of the world’s finest job hunting experts but he also interviews the employers so you can understand what employers are looking for in new hires and how they think.  Download to your iPod or listen from your computer. I can’t believe this is free!


Guy Kawasaki – Guy launched the first Mac computer and hasn’t stopped innovating.  His views on capturing a prospects interest [that’s an employer for you] are always ‘fresh” poignant and logical.  His How to Change the World blog is billed as “practical blog for impractical people.  It’s certainly is.  As CEO of Garage Technology Ventures he’s got a better grip on what investors are interested in… including people.

Jeffrey Gitomer – a fast track to success.  This site is a treasure-trove of sales, service and success information. Get his free sales Caffeine Newsletter delivered to your email inbox FREE every Tuesday and you’ll get a jolt of inspiration and rational thought unlike anything else you’ve ever read.

Tony Robbins – has made a made a science out of thinking big and outside the box AND then actually doing something about it!  His personal story is an uncommon rags-to-riches-to-rags-to-riches compendium of everything you can do when you’re motivated, to not stay stuck.  The tactics learned here will get you focused and pumped up faster than anything else you can do.

Doug Smith – a new friend of mine who proves daily, that mind over matter happens.  You can’t listen to Doug for 5 minutes without feeling upbeat.  A tragic accident on the ice, that crushed his 5th cervical vertebrae ended a bright future in the NHL, but opened a whole new world of opportunity for him.  His story of triumph over a his Just not possible and keeping a positive attitude is tough – even for the guys better about yourself.  To live your best life

Brian Tracy – Is a prolific writer on human potential and sales.  A major source of stress job hunting is the “fear of rejection” and Brian’s weekly “sales tips” will not only teach yo how to blow past the negatives but also how to turn a no into a maybe and a maybe into a yes.  I’ve been receiving Brain’s free “sales Success” newsletter for more years than I can count.  In every issue you’ll learn selling techniques you can apply immediately to your job hunt.

Tory Johnson – CEO and Founder of Women For Hire CEO which is the leading global online AND offline network for women in business. Upbeat and personable she not only writes to inspire she conducts informative and powerfully uplifting events on networking with plenty of tips for job hunters.  She’s also the founder of Spark & Hustle

Jay Levinson – revolutionized the way marketers do business by defying the conventional wisdom that effective marketing means spending big bucks.  He devised highly successful marketing strategies that rely on creativity, imagination and energy—instead of money—to get the job done.   In Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters, Jay and I show you exactly how to apply the power of guerrilla marketing with little-known strategies from top recruiters to dramatically increase your job hunting success.  Competition to get noticed and chosen for the very best professional opportunities is stiff. No matter how talented you may be, there are many others also vying for that top spot.   

Bill Vick – The saying goes some people make things happen – some people watch things happen and some wonder what happened!  Bill Vick is one of America’s oldest and most accomplished recruiters, an accomplished speaker and author AND a very generous man.  Generous with his knowledge in particular on the inner working of the $197 billion dollar recruitment industry in America – insight you as a job hunter should devour!

Tom Peters – In search of Excellence set the standard by which every other business book is judged.  If you want to understand what today’s burning issues are for CEO then this is the place to start.  His 100 Ways to Succeed are both insightful and entertaining.   Fill your boots!

Kim Kachadoorian – The Geeky Marketer

Fishing and business have so many similarities that I decided to create my résumé web site to discuss my previous positions as well as give you a taste of how I view business. Marketing/PR/Community Relations, Product Development, Project Management are all positions I have held and all of them can be tied to fishing analogies.


Kim, the Geeky Marketer a great example of how you can market your experience to be FOUND by employers with your blog.

Day 9 – the 12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting 2.0

Day 9


On the 9th Day of Christmas – Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters revealed to me:


Nine Tools for Researching Leads Holidaycoat-jv


There are a vast number of services you can subscribe to for free that will bring information on hot new companies straight to your desktop every morning. for example delivers a list of all the companies in America that were newly funded and categorized by state or province, complete with the contact numbers for their executives.

Nearly every news paper that’s available on the web has a News Alert function, and you should subscribe to as many as you need to cover your interests. 

Ask the people whom you know which free publications they subscribe to on the Internet and keep ahead of your job-hunting competitors.  Here are 8 of the Top 50+ sources for leads covered in Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters:

ZoomInfo – ZoomInfo is the research tool I use the most.  Can’t live with out it.  Are you in it?  You should be!  And listing yourself or checking your profile is free.   Register and Create a ZoomInfo Web Summary and Be Found and then you can Let Opportunities Find You.  This is THE career accelerator you can’t live without.   It’s your “job search commando” .

America’s Career InfoNet – Their research tools for industry and occupations are second to none AND it’s free.  There are several pages devoted to using it in Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters.  Check it out for your self.

Just Sell – will email you a description of every company which has received new funding each week.  The free report is divided by state or province and includes a description of the company and the purpose for the round of funding, and often includes the email addresses of the senior executives.

The Money Tree Survey – is a quarterly study of venture capital investment activity in the United States. It’s collaboration between PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association.  It’s excellent and it’s the only industry-endorsed research of its kind.


PE Week Wire is free and I have daily updates delivered to my email box bright and early each day.  PE Week is the only industry publication that tracks and researches private equity deals for the entire venture capital market. The weekly newsletter and daily website give you in-depth news on industry trends, companies seeking investors, deals at all stages, participating firms, deal conditions, proceeds and pricing.  It’s been a valuable resource for me.

Dow Jones Venture Capital –  Tech, Life Sciences, HealthCare [which is huge beyond] – Dow Jones Venture Capital tracks it and reports on it.  Their conferences are second to none. 

Vault – their industry career guides are world famous.  The thousands of career opportunities on the site are a nice bonus.

“Confessions of a Call Girl . . . or How to Give Good Phone.”  – what can I say, some employers are coy and creative when it comes to representing themselves to high performance candidates.  If you’re worried about being “blue skied” then learn how to use the phone to your advantage.

Google Alerts are email updates delivered to your email address once a day based on information you tell Google to watch for.  For example the announcement of new executives or news stories on companies of interest to you.  I use Google Alerts to find leads on companies who have hired new VPs of Sales because these executives might need my services to help staff their teams.

On the surface everyone acknowledges that rejection is a fact of life when you’re job-hunting.  That it pushes all the wrong buttons – not once – but sometimes hundreds of times.  Sometimes it’s not even the rejection letters; it’s the dead silence – the lack of acknowledgement that you even exist.  The fundamental truths of job hunting are not pleasant.  It’s all about being rejected and ignored.  Eventually the stress gets to everyone.  – so …. You need to feed your opportunity funnel like a salesperson feeds their sales funnel and the previously mentioned services will accelerate your search.

Jobless benefits are extended – but not everyone is eligible – Dec. 18, 2010

NEW YORK ( — Millions of jobless Americans are no doubt cheering the tax cut deal that President Obama signed into law Friday.


Day 8 – The 12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting 2.0

Day 8


On the 8th Day of Christmas – Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters revealed to me:


8 Resumes Rules


There are certain unwritten rules that if you adhere to will increase your chance of getting the attention you deserve.


Give’ em What They Want

You have 6-30 seconds to convince a reader that your resume warrants a complete read, an investment on their end of 5-6 minutes.

A recent poll I conducted among fellow recruiters revealed most spend less than 15 seconds on the first page of your resume.  Most, in fact, never get past the email note or cover letter, let alone your carefully worded “Objective” and, frankly, human resource managers are no better.

No one has time to waste waiting for a Job Seeker to get to the point… so the first rule of resume writing is to construct your resume so the Reader gets the information they need fast.  A little advance planning is called for. 


Be Relevant.

Presumably the reader has a job you’re interested in, so show how your experience fits their requirements.  Don’t assume people can or will “read between the lines” – they don’t have time.  It’s not their job and they don’t care about you – yet.


Target your Reader. 

You need to understand who your “reader” is because – different people read resumes looking for different things. 

  • Recruiters look for “hot” marketable skills because they want to make money marketing you.  If your skill set is not in high demand, they won’t call unless you are an exact fit for a job order they have.
  • HR folks look for an exact skill fit with a job first, then your stability, then your personality type. 
  • Hiring managers look for skill sets first, then how flexible you are and finally your ability to learn on the job. 


Keep it Crisp

People are visual.  They like looking at documents that are clean, neat and well constructed.

Use Bullets

Sentences, that is.  Short sentences are less effort to write and easier to read.   We live in a PowerPoint world.  They also give the reader a sense of action and energy.  The reader can get the gist of your experience quickly.  You can elaborate at the interview.

·       Highlight your Strengths

Whichever strengths (accomplishments) are the most relevant to your reader – they go firstAlways lead with your best foot forward.

·       Demonstrate Results

Use ###, %%%, and $$$ to emphasize your accomplishments.  One million dollars is less likely to be noticed than $1,000,000. Numbers and symbols jump off the page.


Give it “POP”

Power verbs like those below give your resume “pop”, that crisp Joe Friday delivery of “just the facts ma’a’m – just the facts”.  They’re high energy and factual, making you appear to be a “driver”!  Just rewriting your resume alone with these words will increase your chances of being interviewed by 50%.  Here are 35 of the hundreds of possibilities:

Accelerated, accomplished, Achieved, Activated, Addressed, Admitted, Aided, Allowed, Amended, Analyzed, Apportioned, Approved, Arranged, Assessed, Attained, Augmented, Balanced, Brainstormed, Calculated, Certified, Collaborated, Committed, Compiled, Conceptualized, Consented, Contracted, Convinced, Coordinated, Correlated, Created, Increased, Initiated, Invented, Led, Negotiated, Started


Be Concise

Your resume should not contain one more word than it needs – to make your point.  Ok? It’s supposed to create interest not bore them to death.  Be a tease!

Connect the DOTS for them

Make it easy for the reader to see your fit to their job.  Before you write your resume, research newspapers, job boards and Internet ads for positions that are similar to the ones you’ll be seeking. 

Ensure that the latest “buzzwords” are prevalent.  Common key words and phrases like “JAVA or Audit Trail or channel management or DWDM” should map to the bullets in your resume. 

Scientists and senior executives should prepare an appendix of publications and papers as well.  Technical people need a separate Technical Summary page for easy identification of your skills.

Personal branding is where it’s at and the unwritten rules are fodder for Branding 101.  Check out William Arruda’s site on personal branding for more.


Day 7 – the 12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting

Day 7


On the 7th Day of Christmas  – Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters revealed to me:


7 Social Network Tools Social-media-points 2

The key to networking, of course, is to find people you can network with.  Fortunately, for those of us who are terminally shy the Internet has made it possible to network from our computer keyboard and avoid those awkward mixers.  There are many of online networking sites.  All of the sites are based on the “six degrees of separation” principle which recognizes the actor Kevin Bacon as the center of humanity.  Each site has slight variations on how you build and grow your network.  The following are the leading sites for job hunters who want to e-network their way to success. From a head-hunter’s standpoint, LinkedIn has it all.   From a job-hunter’s standpoint LinkedIn represents an opportunity of a lifetime to establish a powerful network of influential colleagues and friends is my favorite.  You can open a linked in account for free.  It works by first requiring you to set up your on-line profile and then invite your friends to join your network.  After people join they ask their friends and colleagues to join.  For job-hunters this is a treasure trove of leads.

Facebook, On November 1st, 2010, Facebook had more than 500 million users.  If Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest by sheer population, eclipsed only by India and China.  When compared to Facebook, the two best branded job boards, CareerBuilder and Monsterboard, have dismal website traffic.  Go to, plug the sites in and you will see for yourself.


BranchOut – is a new social networking add-on for Facebook that looks like it will have similar functionality for job hunters as LinkedIn.    BranchOut helps you expand your career network to include everyone you know on Facebook. It's an incredibly powerful tool. Every time a Facebook friend joins BranchOut, you see where they used to work, where they work now, and where their friends work. If you're looking for your dream job, these connections can open the door.

ExecuNet – If you’re in the 100k or more salary range then this networking venue is for you.  ExecuNet was founded 18 years ago as the premier networking site on the internet.  ExecuNet still holds that title.  They make it easy for senior-level professionals to connect directly with business decision-makers, executive recruiters, and their peers. Not only do they have a web site full of information and advice YOU CAN NOT find anywhere else, they also host 5-STAR speakers and authors.  Of course I’m biased because founder Dave Opton wrote the Foreword for the 1st edition of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 1n 2005.  It was either him or Donald Trump and with Dave you’re more likely to hear “You’re Hired!”

Here are other online networking sites which all have unique benefits too numerous to mention here.  You should choose at least two on-line networking sites and be as aggressive [staying within the rules of the site] and as creative with it as you can. 

Ryze – is a classic.  Easy to use and robust.   It’s for connecting online and in person because it also has a real life networking component maybe even in your town.  The best of both worlds really.


Spoke  – great tool for connecting with the Fortune 1000 in particular and sales people of all types.  Sales people by-the-way are great resources for job hunters – they’re naturally helpful and often talkative.  They boast over 30 million people and 900,000 companies.


MySpace – the Groups Home page clusters people by interests.  The site also has a career space.



The Social Networking Web Log which just happens to be loaded with tips on reaching inside the companies you want.   Your network will grow as quickly as you can recruit members who can then recruit other members.  Your ability to e-Network your way to a new job grows exponentially as your network develops – a social pyramid scheme so-to-speak.  For all the latest on social networking you should read what else? 

Social networking sites where designed to help people with common interests connect.  However several sites like FaceBook, MySpace, Friendster, Blogger, Flickr and YouTube have become popular “adjunct referencing” tools for recruiters lately, so I’d check them all out and see if your potential employer is going to find anything embarrassing about you.  If they do there’s a new service [thankfully] which deals with this called Naymz.

Quintessential Careers.  Ok.  Quintessential Careers isn’t a social network .. But it should be… At least for college grads.  There’s an encyclopedia’s worth of advice here.

REMEMBER: Guerrilla Marketing is an attitude.  Tap into your future employer's timeless fixations with vanity and self fulfillment. Show them that — by hiring you — they’ll become the corporate hero and score the corner office! 

The complete "12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting eBook" is here:


Day 6 – The 12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting

Day 6

On the 6th Day of Christmas – Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters revealed to me:

6 Tools to download

NatsJobsWhen employees are getting laid off via e-mail and SMS messages we know for sure that job security is a thing of the past.  No one is immune to cutbacks, downsizing or off-shoring.  In fact, you now need to be “looking” all the time to insure continuous employment but let’s face it tracking all those job leads is tedious and time consuming.  This is a free site which allows you to manage a serious job search, and includes great networking tools. 


My Fax – OK, you’ve just culled a hot lead from ZoomInfo – Googled the exec’s background – rooted out their hot buttons and crafted a compelling resume – – – now what?  Thanks to e-mail’s ubiquity, it might seem like the perfect resource for sending resumes. Unfortunately, the “spam blockers” that organizations use to fight unsolicited messages can stop your e-mail dead in its tracks. Sadly, you’re not even likely to know if your masterfully crafted message reached its target.   So what does a Guerrilla Job Hunter do? Tunnel inside the company using technology the employer does still trust and can’t block – FAX.


Google local – If the geographic location of your potential employer is very important to you for reasons of the commute distance, or maybe because you’re relocating to a new city, you may want to consider limiting your search to a specific location.


There are ways to get local with Google. From you can conduct a search for employers and businesses in your vicinity. Simply enter the name of an industry or business category in the “What” box on the left hand side, and enter your street address including the city and state, or just enter a city name or even a postal code in the “Where” box to.  Go try it.


Message Tag – Everybody loves email. It's cheap, easy and instant. But how many times do you find yourself wondering what happened to your messages? You send an email out into the Internet, then wait patiently for a reply. But will it get there? Will they read it? When will they read it? And will it be too late? Where's the reply? Are they still checking that account? Are they on holiday? Should you just wait a little longer? What's the story?  — don’t let the technology derail your job search.  Get Message tag and know when to follow up.

Stephen Covey – Very few people have had as profound an effect on people as Stephen Covey, author, business man and the father of principle-centered living.  As Chairman and cofounder of FranklinCovey he has made a mission statement builder available for free.  The Mission Builder exercise can help to add focus, direction, and a sense of purpose to your daily decisions. The wizard will take you step-by-step through the process of creating a unique, personalized Mission Statement to guide your life.

JobsInsider here we grow again with LinkedIn.  This free applet let’s you See your inside connections form your LinkedIn account [you do have on right?]  to the hiring manager and companies for any job online at Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs, Craigslist, Dice, Vault, and many more.

The complete "12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting eBook" is here:

Day 5 – the 12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting

Day 5

 On the 5th Day of Christmas  Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters revealed to me:

  5 Golden Rules  5 golden rules II


  1. It’s not about you – it’s about them.  I can not over emphasize this! Employers don’t care about what you want to do or even who you are until after they’ve hired you.  So stop telling them about your dreams and start selling to their needs. 


  1. No just means – “Not Today”.  An employer’s needs change day-to-day, in real time yet few job hunters will approach an employer more than once – ever!  Learn to repackage and represent your skills in a new light.  Sales guys know that most sales are not made until the 7th call!  So… start repackaging yourself.


  1. You are the brand.  In today’s world you need to create a resume that makes you get noticed. Your resume needs to be a reflection of not only your past experience but who you are as an individual because lets face it personality counts just as much as your credentials. 


  1. Sex Sells – Much like lingerie, the purpose of a good resume is to heighten your reader’s awareness to what’s possible… 😉


  1. You need to become a Guerrilla Job Hunter – Jobs are temporary in the new economy – henceforth you need to always be looking for the next opportunity.   When a recruiter contacts you – how many times have you spurned them with “I’m happy where I am” and made a decision without knowing the facts?  That is a career limiting reaction… even career suicide.  No intelligent person would make that comment without hearing that person out AND a true executive search professional would never try to talk you into something that wasn’t good for you.  For example, I helped a Marketing Communication Manager upgrade her salary from $41k to $95K.   If this person had not listened to me they would have wasted away unappreciated.  But it’s not always about money either – it’s about opportunity.

Guerrilla Marketing is an attitude.  Tap into your future employer's timeless fixations with vanity and self fulfillment. Show them that — by hiring you — they’ll become the corporate hero and score the corner office! 

The complete "12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting eBook" is here: