The Job Seeker Experience Survey: What should a Candidate Reasonably ‘Expect’ from an Employer?

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My friends, Gerry Crispin alerted me to the work of an Intern to Shaker Consulting group in Cleveland, Ohio a few weeks ago. Joe Murphy, a principal of that firm.

Shaker Consulting Group developed an excellent survey of 29 questions that delves into the details of what a candidate might reasonably ‘expect’ from an employer.

The results will be public and not sold nor used for marketing. They have about 200 responses but the ‘n’ is too small given the various ways they want to cut the data and getting to jobseekers is not a trivial task.

I find the cause to be a good one and anything we can do to assist the job seeker experience is incumbent upon us to try and to pass the word as widely as possible.

Please take this job application process survey and tweet about it to spread the word:


@davemendoza Applying for a job online? Please take this job application process survey: Via @GerryCrispin

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  1. Sky says:

    Thanks for posting this, Julie. I think most joerkbeess would like to take this approach, but many times it can reach dead ends. It can get tricky with those second/third degree connections. Your first connection may be very eager to help you, and will make the connection to a person who works at your target firm. However, compelling that second/third degree person to advocate for you can be a challenge. He or she may not be very well connected at the company or with HR specifically, or not be able to locate the hiring manager. And, often, they simply let the ball drop. With this new connection, joerkbeess want to be able to reciprocate helpfulness at some point, but they immediately need this person to take some kind of action on their part for a recently identified job opening. That’s the conundrum joerkbeess don’t have the luxury of time to develop a relationship with so many more people, when their dream job just became available and this person may be their only in .If joerkbeess push any harder to compel action on their part, it can seem pushy and be a turn-off. Networking can only work to a point, but each person in that process needs to work to make it happen. Many just prefer to stay out of it, choosing not to help.

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