in-san-i-ty  verb

” doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”

Not to make light of a serious matter but, let’s be honest, the economy and specifically, this  job market is unlike any we’ve seen before.  And it’s scary.

For every job opening, hundreds of people are applying, hoping it will be theirs.  By now you’ve probably discovered that getting the exact job you want with the company you want is either highly improbable or a cinch.  It’s highly improbable if you play by the old rules and go about looking in the old-fashioned way

The Old Rules for Job Seeking Don’t Work – Not Now!

Most job seekers are following the rules of sending resumes, applying online through job websites and reading the help wanted ads. You’re probably doing the same things.

Ask yourself – “Am I finding any success by doing it this way?” If the answer is no, then STOP!!!

Continuing to do what you’re doing – when you’re not getting results, is crazy.   It’s not you.  It is the market.  You need to reconsider your approach.

Why Guerrilla Marketing?

Unlike regular military units, Special Forces encourage different skills and abilities. Because they are often faced with daring and daunting assignments, these units rely on their experience, training, versatility and creativity to achieve their objective. This is where the term Guerrilla comes from.

In fact, America started this way over 234 years ago. British soldiers marched toward Lexington and Concord to gather the stored arms of the “rebellious colonists” and to arrest their leaders John Hancock and Samuel Adams.  Those British soldiers in their red coats marched in long straight lines. They were the biggest and best in the world. And yet they lost to a bunch of farmers, carpenters and regular folk. Why? Because the colonists adapted, used their versatility and creativity… they became guerrillas and chose not to use the old rules.

The “new rules” secured America’s place in history. Now it’s your turn to secure your future.Sun Suz - the Art of War

The team that put together the Put America Back To Work Tour,  books, DVD’s and programs are all professional headhunters (recruiters) and marketing gurus AND because we have the insider knowledge, we are able to help you maximize your personal experience, training, versatility and creativity to land your next job.

We won’t teach you how to do anything unethical. Instead, we’ll change how you think, make you adaptable, unleash your creativity, and maximize all your personal assets. You will transform from just another job seeker into one who stands-out.   In essence, you will become a Special Forces Guerrilla who’s ready to experience victory.

Becoming A Special Forces Guerrilla

You don’t have to read or buy everything we’ve produced in order to benefit.  But if you’re honestly motivated to take complete control of your life and your future, you’ll consume everything in sight.  The more you glean from our knowledge, the better job you’ll land.  It’s that simple.

You won’t be reading about the “theory” of securing employment. No.  It’s job-finding wisdom, complete with the actual things you must say in your cover letter, on Sun Suz - the Art of War 2your resume, and during your interviews.  Nothing is left to chance. Every detail is covered.  This is state-of-the-moment advice designed to keep you out front ahead of your competition and on top always – especially the breaking news on how to leverage LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to “Be Hunted” for the jobs you want.

You’ll learn how to navigate masterfully in a new economy, in a world more “connected” than it has ever been before.  You’ll learn to see things from the standpoint of the people who will hire you rather than from your own perspective – and that’s critical to your success today.

The tools we offer – like the book itself – are full of insights.  They are about you – your future, your sense of well-being, your life.  Getting the kind of job that can change your life for the good – forever – isn’t a matter of being on top of most of the details.  It’s a matter of mastering all the details.  And that’s what you’re about to learn.

Real Success Is Just Ahead

Although everything appears to be about getting a job, it’s really about living a fulfilling life – because that’s the end result of obtaining your ideal job. Few people really understand that.  They see a job as a way to earn money rather than a way to thrive and prosper while living the life they’ve always dreamed of living.  The United States Department of Commerce tells us that 80% of employed people are not really content with their job.

Although some say I have achieved remarkable success as an executive recruiter, I honestly believe that I wouldn’t have achieved as much, if a book and web site like this existed before I began my career.  Reading it, you’ll learn as much or more than many successful people.  Acting upon it, you’ll surpass your most ambitious fantasies. The real truth is that landing the job of your dreams is not as difficult as you may think.  It’s all a matter of changing how you think.

Sun Suz 3Can I tell you a secret? Successful people are not just great at their jobs; they also achieve their personal goals. That’s because they view their job as a way to achieve their personal goals – jobs that fit who they are and what they want to achieve.   And that’s exactly what you’ll learn here through us.

I welcome you to this web site, these insights, this information, and most of all, to the life you have been dreaming of.  This is the kind of knowledge that makes those dreams come true.

This site is fueled by authors and experts who have come together for the first time to cooperate and help get America back to work.  After everything I’ve just said, I know full well that not every job hunter is comfortable going  “guerrilla” BUT you do need to new  ideas so that’s why I reached out to the contributing authors you will find on this site – they’re experts as well and it’s very very likely you’ll find an approach here that will fit your personal situation and style.

The future is in your hands.  Ready. Set. Go!

David Perry

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