Climber’s Catalyst: Social Media Convergence for the Job Seeker

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In a challenging economic environment, we often assume that the number of unemployed provides target rich active candidates that are easily assessable. The unexpected complication however reveals a more complex introduction exchange between recruiter and job seeker. The disenfranchised effected by layoffs likewise become disconnected from their corporate brand, corporate emails bounce, corporate numbers become disconnected – often relegating name generation research to a short shelf life. The under employed is likewise an under appreciated statistic within the latest employment discussions and their job title and employer on a social media profile doesn’t provide the complete picture of the availability. Basically, whatever tool of choice you choose to boost your online identity can only be as useful as the up-to-date status of your individual profile and the energies you invest – otherwise it’s about recruiters having to read, ‘between the lines’.

If there is one thing I have tried to convey on my personal blog, is the importance of building an online personal brand. It creates a way for recruiters to find you when they search throughout the major search engines and you are much further ahead still if you investigate and adopt search engine optimization technologies as the vehicle to enhance your searchability online. Even if you are not actively looking, creating a personal brand helps establish you as a leader in your industry. Plus, employees who are recruited for a new job earn 15% more on average compared to those who applied for the job.

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Climber’s Catalyst approaches the challenges described handedly. It was designed specifically to enhance the recruiter to job seeker, relationship experience through a seamless capability for introductions. It can create instant networks then transition to Linkedin or other social media applications – introducing them to existing targets among college educated professionals within a salary range of $50k to $160k. Though each are subscription based, the similarities with the Ladders, ends there. Climber’s Catalyst provides both employers and candidates with an actual marketing and distribution platform, in addition to SalesForce Automation Software to support its backend aspects.

Climber’s Catalyst utilizes a sales-oriented approach to track source destinations, and to market prospects to potential recruiters to gain momentum in their career journey. It provides a workable technology solution similar to the metric aspects commonly associated as strengths of a CRM. Staffing organizations can access the ratio of how best to qualify process aspects; i.e., how many actual leads to connection to the pivot point of an actual resume sent, to the number of interviews established to accomplish an actual hire.

Catalyst is built upon a modular platform which allows organizations to instantly connect, in a very targeted, precise manner and it can do so, ‘socially’ all from one place. Recruiters can access Catalyst’s Resume Center –whereas Job Seekers can modify their existing resume to fit a particular job opening. With an enterprise account, if 5 or more recruiters from a corporate brand are interested, Catalyst can build them a free micro-site, with video etc to brand the employer experience.

A Unique, Corporate Branded, Social Integration Like No Other

Through Catalyst’s distribution network, jobs are viewed by 27 million unique visitors a month. The Network directs traffic to over 330 distributed, search optimized job sites. Recruiters can SEO their own individual profiles across the major search engines with a consistent, corporate branded experience. Furthermore, Catalyst offers the unique extras that are unmatched in this arena, with search optimized, branded video housed on-site that can likewise be distributed to across social media networks or shared anonymously. Multiple twitter feeds can be fed, as well as LinkedIn profiles with auto-update/auto-tweet. Moreover, catalyst offers candidate feeds/job tweets with dynamic content easily accessible for a user friendly , eye catching experience.

Climber’s Catalyst offers 3 types of distribution networks:

(1) narrow – Company XY wants java programmers for example, a corporate recruiter can click and immediately distribute within their network to attract referrals;
(2) industry oriented – say for example, nurses in Denver, or all healthcare at once within an associated in geographic area;
(3) geographic radius specific – within a 50 mile radius, or broader.

A recruiter or a candidate can import their Linkedin network or specific individuals to heighten the effectiveness of their efforts and create targeted emails which can reach up to 5,000 people at a time.

A One Click, One Stop Jobs connector on Linkedin and Throughout

The tactics to the networking strategy are maximized with Catalyst’s click frequency of auto posting to multiple LinkedIn and twitter accounts; to include auto hash tags and even a tiny url. It creates a focused way to harness social media with click through metrics provided that pin point effectively to your featured jobs. The platform allows auto access to your network email enhancing the number of successful candidate opt-in’s. A recruiter can even advertise within your LinkedIn profile – advertising jobs, and an open invite to ‘connect with Climber’s Catalyst profiles to redirect interested applicants.

The job feeds are likewise easily reconfigured by importance in real-time; a recruiter can rotate jobs up or down according to their individual priority. The widget capability can even be made available to niche blogs, and just as easily updated hourly to highlight your jobs.

Export your LinkedIn Network and Import it into Catalyst

I will continue to keep you informed as Climber Catalyst and their broader suite of products evolve. Their intriguing use of social media tells as much about how technologies are providing job seekers another look. To put it simply, matching you with companies whose company DNA aligns well with your Career Fingerprint™ is the road best traveled in finding the perfect job waiting for you!

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