Write a prospecting letter.

Harness the power of direct mail.  The first thing you need to do for a
prospecting letter is compile your list. 
Find 5-10 companies you want to work for based on your research.  Compose a letter to your network of contacts
asking them if they know of anyone who works at any of the companies on your
enclosed list. When a contact does
know someone at one of the companies ask him or her to forward your resume to them and let
you know how to follow up on the referral. 
Enclose an extreme makeover resume or a functional one with 3-5 bulleted
accomplishments that would be of interest to hiring managers at the companies
you target.

Send the letter to all your direct contacts first:
lawyer, accountant, friends, colleagues, former employers.

Send the list to your closest neighbors next and then
people that you don’t necessarily know but you’ve always meant to stop by and
introduce yourself to. 

Attach a
hand written note to your list and sign your name

If you hit a dead-end find out who supplies the company
with computer products, stationery or
any other service and approach them the same way.

Don’t be surprised if someone calls one or two of the
companies and tells them you are doing research on them… that’s not a bad thing
to have happen.

of David Perry and Kevin Donlin

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