Tutorials designed to help you:

  • choose a job
  • write a better resume and cover letter
  • get more interviews
  • network better and
  • interview effectively.

Many of these videos were recorded in front of live audiences.  Information is grouped according to topic. There’s more to come.


1st Steps in the hunt

Star your job search with Clarity – or Else


How to find a job in a Recession

How Guerrilla target jobs – an executive success story

Advanced Google Job search tips

Resumes and Cover Letters

Why does a Guerrilla Resume work so well?

Guerrilla Resume BEFORE and AFTER

80% success rate for guerrilla resume

How to write a Guerrilla Cover Letter


How to get a job by selling money at a discount

Job Search 101: Put a PS in your cover letter

ZoomInfo and the secret life of recruiters

The Guerrilla Networking Script

FreshContacts tool

How to Get Found by Recruiters on Amazon.com


The Trojan Thank You Note