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Are you looking for a job? Frustrated with HR managers who don’t call you back? Confused about what to do next?Help is here! Now you can get more calls to interview for good jobs with North America’s best employers, with the tactics and strategies in The ABSOLUTE JOB SEARCH GUIDE.

Following this simple, step-by-step system, you will discover: how to get noticed by employers, with targeted résumés and cover letter show and where to network (so you can avoid the “pity parties” at most job clubs) • job search etiquette … and pitfalls to avoid how to follow up after sending your résumé — without being a pest what to do before, during and after you interview to maximize your result show to really crack the hidden job market help with the most difficult interview questions — including salary. Stop spinning your wheels. Start getting more interviews and job offers.

The ABSOLUTE JOB SEARCH GUIDE shows you how!Only $29.  Click the Buy Now button below.

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This new workbook is ideal for non-management, anyone re-entering the workforce after an extended leave,and everyone who has sent out more than 20 resumes or gone on more than 10 interviews and hasn't gotten the offer they should have.

In other words, if you're frustrated with your job search OR stuck – this workbook is for you.

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