Are you too easy? Job Hunters

Where you one of those guys in high school that always seemed desperate for a date?If so it was probably because you were a real pleaser, An eager beaver?

Did it annoy you that the guys who seemed indifferent where the ones the girls where most interested in? You know the Captain of the football team couldn't brush them off fast enough AND the more he brushed the more they swarmed.

 Have you ever noticed that passive candidates, those who seem to be the least interested in a particular job – often because they're already employed – are the most sought after? Is there a lesson to be learned here?

Yes. If you're consistently getting the interview but not the offer it's probably because you're too nice. Too easy. Too ready to please.

Its kind of like going fishing and the fish jumps in the boat – not much challenge in that. Employers want to be drilled by candidates just as much as they want to drill the candidate themselves. So the next time you go in for an interview prepare questions about the business NOT the job.

Be prepared to talk about the future of their industry and what keeps them up at night. Don’t ask them what keeps them up at night – research it through their association ahead of time and be prepared to talk about the issues and ideas as it applies to the interviewer’s firm. 

The passive candidate gets the offer BECAUSE they'll take the time to assess the opportunity being presented against their current one.  They have detached interest which forces/encourages the employer to sell more than they would to a job hunter who's desperate for a date – any date.

Guerrilla – set yourself up for success by setting yourself apart from ALL the other job hunters.  Do your home work.

The New America

In the 1800s, our forefathers witnessed the beginning of a colossal economic transformation with the onset of the industrial revolution. Within a single generation, it became necessary to start clearing out old city neighborhoods and rich farmlands to make way for steel mills, railway yards, warehouses, and office buildings.

To fuel this economic behemoth, people left the far reaches of rural America to take jobs that most of them would hold for the rest of their working lives.

Today in places like China and India old city neighborhoods, entire towns, and rich farmlands are still being cleared to make way for trade and industry.

The tidal wave of economic change—pressure to increase shareholder value quarterly instead of yearly, outsourcing, and rightsizing —all have greatly affected the domestic job market that we once knew. Competition to get noticed and chosen for the best professional opportunities is stiff. No matter how talented you may be, many others also are vying for that top spot.

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