Attitude is everything-Job Hunters

Jason Goldberg (aka JGo), CEO of Jobster an online referral firm, has discovered a site that allows you to rate your recruiter. Uh-oh! Here it is: The Recruiter-Rater Canadian Headhunter It’s rarely the best qualified that win the most coveted positions. It’s often the person who displays the best attitude. Employers want to hire positive people as much as they need to hire people who are competent. If you have both, the employer’s decision becomes all too obvious. Most employers I know, including yours truly, would rather have an employee with a great attitude and some related work experience, than a more experienced one with a poor attitude. BUT it’s hard work staying focused on your job search AND keeping a POSITIVE mental attitude… even for the best sales guys out there, looking for a job can be downright discouraging. Fortunately there are a few absolutely brilliant resources on the web to keep you pumped up and focused AND possibly the best is a newsletter from a master sales trainer out of Atlanta — Jeffrey Gitomer who is Author of The Sales Bible, and Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Customer Loyalty is Priceless. Jeffrey gets it like no other and he’ll…

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