Christmas interviews: Are you ready?

More hiring happens during Xmas than you would imagine. I’ll blog another day on the reasons – in the meantime are you ready? Here are six questions many employers use to get at the true motivation of a job hunter. Can you answer them? Your answer needs to role off your tongue without much thought. You need to appear relaxed and confident in your answer. For sales people this is easy because it’s a feature-benefit discussion with you as the product. 1. What five or six adjectives best describe you? 2. If we had three or four close associates with us and asked them to describe you, what would they likely say? 3. What aspects of the work environment did you feel you had greatest influence and impact? 4. In which of your past work environment did you feel you had the least amount of influence and impact? What caused these feelings? 5. From a job standpoint, which of your past positions did you least enjoy? Why? 6. In which of your past positions were you most motivated and productive? a) What work factors accounted for this motivation? b) What factors most affected your positive feelings? c) The absence of what factors enhanced your positive outlook? Your responses will be followed up by these three probing questions: “What has been your biggest achievement in your business career?” “Why”? “Take me through the project/deal/change and tell me exactly what you did.” So memorize the details of your career beforehand and relate your answers to their situation. What are they looking for? You have it and they know it OR they wouldn’t be interviewing you. Now you just have to pre

How to answer interview questions

A bold solution for Interview Bores. I look the boring candidate right in the eye and say, "You're wonderful. Your experience is unbelievable. But I'll bet you're having a tuff time getting the type of gigs you deserve". As she smiles and nods her head, I go for the jugular. "I can tell you why but you need to be open to hearing what I have to say." When she agrees, I proceed: "You're really smart but you're boring! Fortunately, you can fix that in about 10 seconds by learning how to give a 1-2 punch interview answer. "Answer the question by summarizing at a high level in under 30 seconds and end your summary by asking, 'Would you like me to elaborate on that or fill in any details for you?' " If she wants to know more, she'll ask and then you're having a real conversation between peers and not a dull, endless monologue. Now, I admit, some people are shell-shocked but I've never been punched or had anyone stand up and leave. Most appreciate the honesty and everyone of them has called back (sometimes years later) and said it was the best advice they ever got. So for what it's worth, try it.

Compliments of David E Perry and Kevin Donlin. For more creative job search tactics, go to the Guerrilla Marketing for job hunters blog and download the free audio CD.

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