Day 10 – the 12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting 2.0

Day 10

On the 10th Day of Christmas –  Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters revealed to me:

 10 Super Motivators Motivated

As you can probably tell I’m pretty practical.  A block & tackle kind of just get at it guy.  I know you know that looking for job is a sales and marketing activity.  I also know that the loneliness of prospecting whether for a job or new business will eventually get even the toughest battle hardened war horse down.  No. No. No. Is not Yes-Yes-Yes!!!   So you have to have a reliable way to beat the stinking thinking.

When you realize that the basic aim of every company is to stay in business, you can begin to position yourself as a solution to their need to create and serve the customers who keep them in business, rather than focusing on your need for a job.  Understanding this helps you position yourself as a solution to their needs instead of just another job-hunter.

Solution selling is in vogue all across America for a very good reason – it works.  In solution selling you begin by understanding your customer’s business and therefore the need for your product’s solution.  Solution sales people focus on the benefits of their product, not the features.  The benefits they emphasize are the ones they know the buyer needs.  They know what the buyer needs because they’ve researched the company to discover what its “pain points” are. 

When sales people focus on solution selling, they increase the value of their products and services, because their product is not viewed as just another “list of features” like those of every competitor.   As a job-hunter, you increase your value exponentially wSee you at the tophen you focus on the employer’s needs.  Here are the best of the best for tuning up your attitude!

Zig Ziglar – is America’s #1 motivational trainer. His down-home common sense approach  to life is uplifting. His personal energy is infectious and genuine.  To keep yourself motivated and all charged “up” I can’t encourage you enough to subscribe to his Daily Insights news letter. Your spirits will soar. 

Chris Russell –  is the “voice” of job hunting as the Online Job Search Guy at Secrets of The Job Hunt  This should become your premier source for a daily dose of job hunting insight and intelligence.  Not only does Chris podcast interviews from some of the world’s finest job hunting experts but he also interviews the employers so you can understand what employers are looking for in new hires and how they think.  Download to your iPod or listen from your computer. I can’t believe this is free!


Guy Kawasaki – Guy launched the first Mac computer and hasn’t stopped innovating.  His views on capturing a prospects interest [that’s an employer for you] are always ‘fresh” poignant and logical.  His How to Change the World blog is billed as “practical blog for impractical people.  It’s certainly is.  As CEO of Garage Technology Ventures he’s got a better grip on what investors are interested in… including people.

Jeffrey Gitomer – a fast track to success.  This site is a treasure-trove of sales, service and success information. Get his free sales Caffeine Newsletter delivered to your email inbox FREE every Tuesday and you’ll get a jolt of inspiration and rational thought unlike anything else you’ve ever read.

Tony Robbins – has made a made a science out of thinking big and outside the box AND then actually doing something about it!  His personal story is an uncommon rags-to-riches-to-rags-to-riches compendium of everything you can do when you’re motivated, to not stay stuck.  The tactics learned here will get you focused and pumped up faster than anything else you can do.

Doug Smith – a new friend of mine who proves daily, that mind over matter happens.  You can’t listen to Doug for 5 minutes without feeling upbeat.  A tragic accident on the ice, that crushed his 5th cervical vertebrae ended a bright future in the NHL, but opened a whole new world of opportunity for him.  His story of triumph over a his Just not possible and keeping a positive attitude is tough – even for the guys better about yourself.  To live your best life

Brian Tracy – Is a prolific writer on human potential and sales.  A major source of stress job hunting is the “fear of rejection” and Brian’s weekly “sales tips” will not only teach yo how to blow past the negatives but also how to turn a no into a maybe and a maybe into a yes.  I’ve been receiving Brain’s free “sales Success” newsletter for more years than I can count.  In every issue you’ll learn selling techniques you can apply immediately to your job hunt.

Tory Johnson – CEO and Founder of Women For Hire CEO which is the leading global online AND offline network for women in business. Upbeat and personable she not only writes to inspire she conducts informative and powerfully uplifting events on networking with plenty of tips for job hunters.  She’s also the founder of Spark & Hustle

Jay Levinson – revolutionized the way marketers do business by defying the conventional wisdom that effective marketing means spending big bucks.  He devised highly successful marketing strategies that rely on creativity, imagination and energy—instead of money—to get the job done.   In Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters, Jay and I show you exactly how to apply the power of guerrilla marketing with little-known strategies from top recruiters to dramatically increase your job hunting success.  Competition to get noticed and chosen for the very best professional opportunities is stiff. No matter how talented you may be, there are many others also vying for that top spot.   

Bill Vick – The saying goes some people make things happen – some people watch things happen and some wonder what happened!  Bill Vick is one of America’s oldest and most accomplished recruiters, an accomplished speaker and author AND a very generous man.  Generous with his knowledge in particular on the inner working of the $197 billion dollar recruitment industry in America – insight you as a job hunter should devour!

Tom Peters – In search of Excellence set the standard by which every other business book is judged.  If you want to understand what today’s burning issues are for CEO then this is the place to start.  His 100 Ways to Succeed are both insightful and entertaining.   Fill your boots!

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