Day 11 – The 12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting 2.0

Day 11


On the 11th Day of Christmas – Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters revealed to me:


11 Ways to Land a Job Today


Perhaps networking, cold-calling aren’t for you.  You should try any way.  Having said that there are many other ways to break the ice and get into see an employer.  Here are eleven  which have all been successfully used in the past. 

  1. Starbucks Coffee Cup Caper

  2. Trojan Cover letter

  3. Send ½ your resume Santa fast

  4. Write a prospecting letter

  5. Send a letter stating you’re over qualified.

  6. Do a Competitive Analysis

  7. Call Human Resources

  8. Get a job-search buddy

  9. Use personal letterhead and envelopes

  10. Recruit your Tribe

  11. Become "The Expert"


Guerrilla Job Search Advice

  • Be bold!
  • Be passionate!
  • Be creative!
  • Be tasteful!      
  • Be safety conscious.
  • Be image conscious.
  • Enlist a personal army of helpers.
  • Offer a reward to anyone who helps you secure an interview or job.
  • Involve the media whenever you can.

In the end it’s your life… and you’re unique, so don’t do exactly what others have done.

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