Day 5 – the 12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting

Day 5

 On the 5th Day of Christmas  Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters revealed to me:

  5 Golden Rules  5 golden rules II


  1. It’s not about you – it’s about them.  I can not over emphasize this! Employers don’t care about what you want to do or even who you are until after they’ve hired you.  So stop telling them about your dreams and start selling to their needs. 


  1. No just means – “Not Today”.  An employer’s needs change day-to-day, in real time yet few job hunters will approach an employer more than once – ever!  Learn to repackage and represent your skills in a new light.  Sales guys know that most sales are not made until the 7th call!  So… start repackaging yourself.


  1. You are the brand.  In today’s world you need to create a resume that makes you get noticed. Your resume needs to be a reflection of not only your past experience but who you are as an individual because lets face it personality counts just as much as your credentials. 


  1. Sex Sells – Much like lingerie, the purpose of a good resume is to heighten your reader’s awareness to what’s possible… 😉


  1. You need to become a Guerrilla Job Hunter – Jobs are temporary in the new economy – henceforth you need to always be looking for the next opportunity.   When a recruiter contacts you – how many times have you spurned them with “I’m happy where I am” and made a decision without knowing the facts?  That is a career limiting reaction… even career suicide.  No intelligent person would make that comment without hearing that person out AND a true executive search professional would never try to talk you into something that wasn’t good for you.  For example, I helped a Marketing Communication Manager upgrade her salary from $41k to $95K.   If this person had not listened to me they would have wasted away unappreciated.  But it’s not always about money either – it’s about opportunity.

Guerrilla Marketing is an attitude.  Tap into your future employer's timeless fixations with vanity and self fulfillment. Show them that — by hiring you — they’ll become the corporate hero and score the corner office! 

The complete "12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting eBook" is here:


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