Day 9 – the 12 Days of Christmas Job Hunting 2.0

Day 9


On the 9th Day of Christmas – Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters revealed to me:


Nine Tools for Researching Leads Holidaycoat-jv


There are a vast number of services you can subscribe to for free that will bring information on hot new companies straight to your desktop every morning. for example delivers a list of all the companies in America that were newly funded and categorized by state or province, complete with the contact numbers for their executives.

Nearly every news paper that’s available on the web has a News Alert function, and you should subscribe to as many as you need to cover your interests. 

Ask the people whom you know which free publications they subscribe to on the Internet and keep ahead of your job-hunting competitors.  Here are 8 of the Top 50+ sources for leads covered in Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters:

ZoomInfo – ZoomInfo is the research tool I use the most.  Can’t live with out it.  Are you in it?  You should be!  And listing yourself or checking your profile is free.   Register and Create a ZoomInfo Web Summary and Be Found and then you can Let Opportunities Find You.  This is THE career accelerator you can’t live without.   It’s your “job search commando” .

America’s Career InfoNet – Their research tools for industry and occupations are second to none AND it’s free.  There are several pages devoted to using it in Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters.  Check it out for your self.

Just Sell – will email you a description of every company which has received new funding each week.  The free report is divided by state or province and includes a description of the company and the purpose for the round of funding, and often includes the email addresses of the senior executives.

The Money Tree Survey – is a quarterly study of venture capital investment activity in the United States. It’s collaboration between PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association.  It’s excellent and it’s the only industry-endorsed research of its kind.


PE Week Wire is free and I have daily updates delivered to my email box bright and early each day.  PE Week is the only industry publication that tracks and researches private equity deals for the entire venture capital market. The weekly newsletter and daily website give you in-depth news on industry trends, companies seeking investors, deals at all stages, participating firms, deal conditions, proceeds and pricing.  It’s been a valuable resource for me.

Dow Jones Venture Capital –  Tech, Life Sciences, HealthCare [which is huge beyond] – Dow Jones Venture Capital tracks it and reports on it.  Their conferences are second to none. 

Vault – their industry career guides are world famous.  The thousands of career opportunities on the site are a nice bonus.

“Confessions of a Call Girl . . . or How to Give Good Phone.”  – what can I say, some employers are coy and creative when it comes to representing themselves to high performance candidates.  If you’re worried about being “blue skied” then learn how to use the phone to your advantage.

Google Alerts are email updates delivered to your email address once a day based on information you tell Google to watch for.  For example the announcement of new executives or news stories on companies of interest to you.  I use Google Alerts to find leads on companies who have hired new VPs of Sales because these executives might need my services to help staff their teams.

On the surface everyone acknowledges that rejection is a fact of life when you’re job-hunting.  That it pushes all the wrong buttons – not once – but sometimes hundreds of times.  Sometimes it’s not even the rejection letters; it’s the dead silence – the lack of acknowledgement that you even exist.  The fundamental truths of job hunting are not pleasant.  It’s all about being rejected and ignored.  Eventually the stress gets to everyone.  – so …. You need to feed your opportunity funnel like a salesperson feeds their sales funnel and the previously mentioned services will accelerate your search.

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