Don’t try this at home: When creative job hunting tactics lead to jail.

There’s a huge obvious benefit to engaging in creative out-of-the-box activities which will bring you to the attention of hiring managers. There’s also a real danger of crossing the line and doing something in poor taste or something that puts you or the potential employer at risk. Here’s an example pulled from the pages of the Montreal Gazette in Montreal, Canada on October 15th , 2004: “The job hunter hoped his resume would land him an interview. What he got was the attention of the bomb squad. The man was arrested after he included his CV in a ticking package left in a Montrealmarketing firm’s washroom last month. It was his way of drawing attention to the application, as he was among 400 contenders vying for six paid internships. The 24-year-old didn’t get the job but he did get charged with public mischief. He had handed the receptionist an Arabic newspaper with a note alerting her to the ticking parcel in the men’s washroom, police said. At a time of heightened concerns over terrorism, the package raised the specter of a bombing. Montreal police evacuated the company’s building. Later, police discovered the package was harmless. It contained a metronome -…

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