ExecuNet = Success for Job Hunter

I do not endorse job search sites – however ExecuNet has always been the exception because of the results obtained by senior people who take the time and make the effort to engage with the site's features. 

There are tons of stories throughout Guerrilla Marketing – many of which came from successful job hunters who use ExecuNet.  Here's just one of them provided by Lauryn Franzoni, Execunet's Managing Director [and a real class act].  Now, in her own words.

"A methodical strategy paid off for this ExecuNet member who was very active in her local human resources groups. She contacted the national  headquarters for the names of local chapter presidents, and mounted a  campaign of contacting each one every two months. Her persistence paid off when she received an offer. "

Proving once again, that a direct line is often the shortest distance between two points


Compliments of David E Perry and Kevin Donlin. For more creative job search tactics, go to the Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters blog and download the free audio CD.

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