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Day 12


On the 12th Day of Christmas – Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters revealed to me:


12 Bloggers Blogging


1.      Chris Brogan – if blogging is a part of your strategy for being FOUND and always hounded to interview for the best jobs  [how horrible is that] and you need a boost to get you going – Chris is it.  If you don’t know who Chris is, here’s the short version: New York Times bestselling co-author of Trust Agents, and a featured columnist at Entrepreneur Magazine. In short the go-to-guy for learning how to blog or mastering your voice.

2.      Recruiting Animal and Recruiting Bloggers is the best roundup of thought leaders on job search and recruiting currently available for free on the Net.  Recruiting Animal is the site to bookmark for a look at the world of recruiting and job hunting packed with both wisdom and wit.  Animal hosts a weekly call in show that shouldn’t be missed. 

3.      John Sumser– I‘m cheating already [changing the rules] by introducing you to John Sumser who is THE industry pundit on all things recruiting related.  Attracting and recruiting the best talent is the first step in creating a superior workforce and John demystifies this multi-billion dollar industry everyday.  If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s new and what works this is the place to start your day.  Beware politically correct people: John doesn’t pull any punches and always calls it as he sees it. 

4.      SixDegrees – Dave Mendoza and Shally [again] deliver up a weekly potpourri of what’s hot in recruiting including behind the scenes stories on some of America’s hottest recruiters.  Dave’s in-depth interview of super recruiter Valerie Scarsellato from Intel is a hot not to be missed episode..

5.      Brazen Careerist – written by serial entrepreneur and career smarts guru Penelope Trunk.  There’s plenty to learn from a this witty writer who previously founded three of her own companies. Penelope has endured an IPO, a merger and a bankruptcy. She also played professional beach volleyball.  Her energy and insight is fabulous. Her book, Brazen Careerist: New Rules for Success is a huge hit – especially with GenY, but everyone can learn from it. 

6.      Jim Stroud – [who writes like a drill sergeant on steroids] has insights for both candidates and recruiters.  If you Google his booklet “Resume Forensics” you’ll be blown away by the insight he’ll give you on the trouble recruiters go to looking for candidates.   [A clever guerrilla job hunter is always interested in how the other side thinks and works.]  If you want to be found you should know where and how they’re looking.  Right?  Right.  It’s the job search equivalent of casting your lure where the fish are jumping.  

7.      Peter Clayton runs Total – THE leading portal for podcasts on career management and recruiting – more than 500 in-depth interviews so far.  Are you trying to network your way into Research In Motion (BlackBerry), Nike, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Wyndham Worldwide, IBM, Taleo, Unisys, Booz? Do a keyword search on for companies you’ve targeted. Listening to the interviews with these executives will give you great insights, and a lead-in to a phone call that few will have the good sense to use: “ Hi ___ I just listened your interview with….” Immediately, you’ve shown you’re far more resourceful and genuinely interested in the organization than 90% of the people trying to get in the same door.

8.      Jason Alba – personal friend and all around great guy and guru on all things LinkedIn.  Jason owns and operates JibberJobber which in itself is impressive – given he wrote this tool to keep track of his own job search BEFORE realizing he could turn it into a business – but he’s ventured out beyond his Midwest roots to give talks on how to best use LinkedIn as a job hunter. 

9.      “Slouch” – that’s a synonym for “leading-edge”, brings us which is the recruiting industries newest cutting edge blog by recruiters for recruiters.  Want to know how we think?  What we do and how we find you?  Log in here and join us – just don’t tell Jason I was the one who told you about itJ 

10.   Peggy McKee is known as the “Medical Sales Recruiter” but her job search advice is relevant for ALL sales professionals.   I think that between reading her blog and Harry Joiner’s blog for marketing people, you’ll “Know Your S*it and go with the flow”.  Get a dialy does of reality and commonsense by subscribing to their RSS feeds.

11.   Rayanne Thorn is the newly minted marketing director for Broadbean, Inc. and an avid blogger with a distinct voice. Her daily take on life is fresh, centered and replete with optimism.  Rayanne writes about “life” as experienced through the eyes of a recruiter.  She looks at the ups and downs of this roller-coaster industry, fraught with extreme highs and the daily “lows” of reality.   If you really want to understand what an excellent recruiter can do for your career – tune in to “Bonus Track”  

12.   Every industry has its “God Father” – Gerry encapulates that role for the recruiting industry in a good way J  Gerry and his business partner Mark Mehler understand job hunting and recruiting from the inside out and all 3 sides of the desk: candidate, recruiter, employer.  There annual survey of how companies hire is an inside look at what works


Merry Christmas

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