Guest blog- G-Man Takes On 3 Guerilla Headhunter Posts

EventsEye – has many thousands of events listed now and in the future, searchable by name, country, theme, date and keyword

ExpoWeb  – is the portal/trade association for conference/expo organizers, and articles like this  will give you tips on what organizers seek for conference content

ConferenceGuru  – lists a smorgasbord of industry events, and offers discount registration to attend them


You can find professional associations in places like: IPL's Associations on the Net

Yahoo's professional associations directoryand a list from the recruiting industry's own Peter Weddle , among many othersYou can also try a targeted search string like (association OR conference) "Your Industry Name" on your favorite search engine.

2) On Gautam Ghosh's Job Hunting – Considered India? , I fear that US job-seekers are going to be in for more than culture shock in applying for jobs there. You think your compensation will remain level or rise, and the cost of living will be cheap, so your savings will skyrocket during your tenure. Not likely, because most companies pay local rates. An engineer making around $60K in the US  gets under $6K in India . According to a recent article in eWeek , the wage inflation for IT jobs in  India is rapid (3x the rate of U.S. compensation rise) but it won't be until 2032 that the rates equalize. 

China is likely to become the next offshore powerhouse from a comp perspective, but Frank Mulligan deftly explained why landing a job there is no easy feat. However, other factors are pushing many companies to outsource to Russia  so maybe that's worth another look.



3) And finally, regarding David's Retiring Baby Boomers and job hunting I don't think the key jobs question is to figure out which jobs won't be offshored as the baby boomers retire yet the US economy continues growing. Even if you could get the seniors retrained, give them flex schedules, and/or let them consult at their old companies, that's not how most of the domestic jobs-reshuffling is going to be settled. The key is to figure out what new twists on current businesses will need to emerge in order to serve an economy with that demographic mix. Elder care, real estate and recruiting are just a few of many industries that will undergo enormous upheaval. The winners will be entrepreneurs who stake a claim in that space by testing models today with niche markets where the demographic shift is already demonstrating pain points. By starting pilot programs now to see what works and optimizing them, they'll be in a position to profit handsomely as the demographic trend goes full force in the years to come. And the rest of us can work for them without moving overseas!

Glenn Gutmacher is a Recruiting Researcher for Microsoft Corporation  and creator of one of the world's first online sourcing courses in 1997. His blog was voted the #2 recruiting research blog for 2005 in's annual competition, which answers Internet sourcing questions submitted by real recruiters and researchers. Visit Glenn's blog to read the Q&A or submit your question for possible inclusion.

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