How to be pleasantly persistent: "No" just means "Not now".

I just returned from vacation in the Dominican Republic – great place. One of the most interesting aspects for me as a “social scientist” was watching the interaction between the sunbathers and the folks selling cigarettes, sunglasses and hair-braiding on the beech. What can I tell you I don’t get oout enough… Every morning the same team of 5-6 people would go up and down the hotel’s 1000 yards of beach front asking people if they wanted to buy something. Newbies [those with alabaster white skin] would just wave them away automatically as they approached them – assured they couldn’t possibly want whatever they where selling. Sound like many employers when you approach them about a job or a ask for a networking event? Unlike job-hunters who take the first “no thank you” and fade quickly into the scenery these professional understand that “no” means “not now”. They said “thank you” with a smile and moved on to the next person. BUT they would revisit the same people and inquire during the day if they had changed their mind. In fact, they where pleasantly persistent over a 3-5 day period and nearly always successful. Often, people actually expressed gratitude, because…

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