How to use a Case study to land a job

Do a case study on a project which showcases your skills. This could be as simple as a new coveted client you sold, or as complex as a new product you helped introduce to the market. 


Send the case study to firms you know have similar needs for the skills you emphasized in the case study. Not only do you get to showcase your writing, as well as your research and analysis skills, it demonstrates your business acumen too. For example: Did you establish an innovative compensation program for resellers that increased sales and decreased spoilage or returns? This is a big deal in retail, where 90% of profits are lost due to returns. 

  • Chose an example that builds your credibility with your targeted employers.
  • Explain why you did what you did and what the short and long term effects were.
  • Results which would be of interest to a potential employer include: increased efficiencies, new marketing techniques, new or different distribution channels.
  • Ideas that would be good for competitive analysis include:
  • sales/marketing: distribution channels;
  • manufacturing: the use of just-in-time techniques; and
  • operations: ERP systems

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