Interview question: Greatest Strengths and weaknesses?

If I spoke with your previous boss, what would he or she say are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? First of all.. you better have expected this question. If you didn't shame on you. If you did I hope you asked your previous boss this question — after you left the job so they'll tell the truth — that way there will not be any mistakes or inconsistencies. So you forgot or your ex boss was the moron brother of the owner. Now what? Be consistent with what you think they would say as a reference. Always turn a negative into a positive. Cite an example of a minor weakness and how you have overcome it or are currently working on it. This is no time to be honest about your compulsive pencil stealing habit.

Compliments of David E Perry and Kevin Donlin. For more creative job search tactics, go to the Guerrilla Marketing for job hunters blog and download the free audio CD.

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