Is HR killing American business: Proof HR doesn’t get it!

I have to rant … just a little tonight… I swear some days it just feel slike HR is waht’s standing in the way of the American recovery. Let me tell you why HR just doessne’t get it. I received this email yesterday addressed to, “Dear Recruiter”. Let me ask you something… when was the last time an HR manager said to you at an interview: “Thanks for sending me your generic resume. And your generic email instructing me to read it. Aren’t they the ones usually insisting you research the company and spell their name correctly? Boy I sure felt special – honored even to have received it- Because you’re the hottest candidate I’ve ever seen. NOT!!!!! Isn’t it HR who always complains about people who send resumes with generic cover letters that say; dear sir Madame… or something to that effect? It’s un professional. Don’t they also say they prefer candidates who understand their business and can speak to their needs? It’s a rhetorical question. Of course they do! AND all the books on writing résumés and cover letters including my own, Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters, say the same thing. Customize your letter and resume to suit…

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