Jim Carry demonstrating why ordinary job search coaches drive me nuts!

Few things is life bother me as much as “job search coaches”.  Don't get me wrong, I know they mean well but most are unemployed human resource professionals who are hired by outplacement firms to advise job hunters on how to follow the rules – exactly like everyone else. 

In this video clip Jim Carry demonstrates what happens when you do what everybody else is doing. 

Ordinary job search coaches are a lot like Lemmings themselves – they teach you what everyone else is doing – so you won't actually get a job any faster BUT at least you know you're doing what everyone else is.

Makes lot of sense in this market doesn't it! That model is broken. 

When you do what everyone else is doing you're one of thousands – maybe tens of thousands.  How's that working for you?  Didn't work to well for Dick and Jane.

What about doing something unique? Like maybe showing someone you're creative rather thMarkjhaluska2an just saying "I'm creative…" in your resume. You know, you're not really fooling anyone by doing that. Most people do that – write it in their resume that is.  And they figure that's enough.  Well, that probably explains why the average job search in America is 34.2 weeks.  That's a high price to pay for being average!

Are you tired of being average?  Want to spice your job search up just a little?  Won't work.  Using beige paper isn't enough – been done – to death.  You'll still look like everyone else.  That's so 2008. 

Want to know the secret to getting more interviews?  Maybe more than a few this week and a offers even?  Do something different with your time.  Try talking to Mark Haluska my friend — over at… dare I say – Psycho Ape.

Now, I admit Mark is not everyone's cup of tea.  Sometimes I find him a bit "assertive" myself.  I know, he's a veteran headhunter and retired Navy Seal [though he denies that publicly] which has left him with a bit oif an 'edge'.   And he has a down home country drawl that'll drive most "easterners" crazy— but what a track record of success.  And honestly, who better to learn from than a successful head-hunter who also coaches job hunters?  

Mark understands – what makes you stand out versus makes you look stupid. Mark knows what works and what's being done to death.  Haluska can make anyone look like a star even when they think they've done everything – followed all the rules – even figured out that there are no jobs in their city because they've sent out 1500 resumes. 

Now Mark's services aren't free — but they're way less expensive than staying unemployed – getting no where fast.  And that's where you're going to stay unless you do something different. So is today that day? 

You decide – but do ti quickly.  Check out his web site at: http://www.psychoape.com/

Happy hunting!

David Perry, co-author Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunter, and co-director Guerrilla Job Search International Inc.

PS.  Do you know someone who did someting really creative to land an interview?  Tell me, they could be in my next book or a future article.


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