Job Search Propaganda: The Networking Myth

A letter from a job hunter after I presented at ExecuNet. “Dperry”- Thanks for a stimulating and frank discussion of guerilla job tactics and for not recycling the same old tired mantras on the Execunet webcast. I would like to see what your lost chapter is all about. Also, although you demonstrated that direct contact was the way to go, the reason a lot of people aren’t doing it more is that there is so little agreement about the best way to accomplish it. Your story about tracking the exec down in his bathroom was cute and made for a good journalistic newsbite, but I don’t know how practical and systematic that is for most of the non-sales executives on the broadcast, especially when there is some uncertainty about how how good a match or how great a need there may actually be at one particular employer. (I’m also the one who asked about “research” and the lack of specifics it yields.) As a “for instance” of the propaganda we get, see the quote below for a hardened opinion by one of the opinion makers in the executive job search business, John Lucht (Rites of Passage at $100,000…). I’m sure…

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