Job Search sabotage: How to clear outthe roadbloacks that are holding you back

I just came back from the gym and I’m all pumped up [pun intended]. I had a breakthrough day on the bench press and it’s directly relevant to job hunting. I practice what I preach in all areas of my life yet sometimes I erect barriers to success subconsciously. A few months ago I finally stopped talking to myself [I’m lonely what can I tell you] about how I should join a gym and just did it. In high school [late 70’s] I was somewhat of a body builder, primarily because I’d survived 4 heart operations and my doctors and father told me I couldn’t participate in sports [or have sex] — ever!  And I wanted to know for myself if that was true so I started working out to increase my stamina.

Anyway, I’ve been going to the gym religiously for two months now every M-W-F. I’ve stuck with a regime designed to build stamina and not muscle mass so I’ve increased my sets of 15 reps @ 120 lbs from 2 -3 -4 sets. Well this morning just for fun I decided to see if I could actually bench-press 150 lbs. As a 18 year old kid of 125 lbs I could lift 260. That was the most I ever did when I was in my best shape.  I didn’t think I could but to my surprise it rose easily off my chest into the air, as did 180 then 200 then 220 and finally 260. 300lbs was beyond my capacity. It was electric!

Perhaps it’s silly, but I haven’t felt that jazzed in ages!!!

So I started to reflect on where I’d done that in my business career lately. A few minutes ago I just cleared my desk top [into a box] and I’m setting my sites on new mountain peaks – specifically clients I want and business goals which others have previously told me where impossible. [Point of fact when I began writing my first book colleagues told me I’d never finish and no one would read it. Now I’m on my third [I swapped out that group of colleagues] and I still have detractors].  It seems the do gooders never cease.

How about you? What’s getting in your own way? Have your friends and colleagues gently encouraged you not to think too big? Not to go after that new job too hard. They don’t want to see you crash.  Funny how sometimes people encourage you to think big while indirectly discouraging you from acting. Don’t listen to them. Go after what you want …. Sometimes it’s just best to not tell anybody else until you’re finished.

Compliments of David E Perry and Kevin Donlin. For more creative job search tactics, go to the Guerrilla Marketing for job hunters blog and download the free audio CD.

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