Occupy Wall Street Protestors: Top 10 Reasons You Can’t Find a Job #9

#9 You’re Invisible

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  • Do you watch television in Black & White?
  • Bought music from your neighborhood record store lately?
  • Still looking for jobs in the classifieds?
  • Are  job boards, still your main source of leads?

Technology has changed how we do a lot of things we took for granted just a few years ago.

Me, I really think color makes TV more interesting and I buy my favorite music on iTunes.   Employers very rarely run newspaper classified ads anymore.  But you knew all that already.

Bet you don’t know this…

Employers don’t use job boards much anymore either.

Sure they flocked to them when they first came on the scene.  Job boards made everything easier and faster during the late 90’s ‘War for Talent’.  It made it super easy for job hunters everywhere to ‘SURF, CLICK, & APPLY’ on-line.  Job hunters could do it in their pajamas.  Fast, Cheap & Easy!

Ask any job hunter and you’ll likely hear that they feel the 90’s ‘War for Talent’ has become this recession’s ‘War on Talent’.  Sure employers still use the internet for recruiting…  the weapons have changed


99% of Jobs Aren’t Advertised

A rapid transformation in technology has gone unnoticed by most job hunters.    The very technology that allowed employers to hire faster has been turned against them by job hunters and employers can’t deal with the avalanche of unqualified resumes they now receive, each one of which has to be filed, tracked, and replied to.   This consumes hundreds of hours of time that few employers can afford.

To get around the bottlenecks caused by Equal Employment Opportunity Legislation employers are relying on a brand new digital suite of tools and tactics to find the handful of “most qualified” recruits that they want to interview.  How easy is for an employer to find you?     You’re invisible unless you have a profile on ZoomInfo.com [or took the time to put one in yourself – it’s FREE by-the-way] , or have built a well crafted ‘key-word rich’ profile that makes you stick out on LinkedIn, Facebook ,  or Twitter.    And if they do find you, can they understand the value you bring to their organization?


Your 1st Interview Comes to You Now

Chances are your first interview will happen without you.  Employers hunt selectively – think rifle shot – not shotgun.    Given the choice of running an advertisement for an ‘exhaust systems engineer in Detroit” and having to wade through 500 – 5000 resumes, or doing a key-word search through Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter … I’ll chose the key-word search every time because I’ll only get exactly what I ask for.  I will assess the people I find and make a decision among the dozen or so very qualified people I find… which one I want to interview.  Your first interview happens without you even being aware.  If you pass, then I’ll call you.   Like thumbs up

What this means to you is that you may never be called or considered for jobs which you may be perfect for,  simply because the person searching can’t find you but did find someone else.  We recruiters know that the best and brightest are rarely the ones who win the offers – it’s usually the ones who can best articulate their value to the employer – provided you can be found of course.


Yes there are jobs in the “hidden job market” – and lots of them – but to get at these opportunities, you need to learn How to Be Found.    You can make the jobs come to you if you learn how to use social networking effectively in your job hunt.


Compliments of David E Perry. For more creative job search tactics, go to the Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters blog and download the free audio CD.

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