Occupy Wall Street Protestors: Top 10 Reasons You Can’t Find a Job

#10 – You’re Gullible

Well actually… you’ve been lied to.  But it’s your responsibility to separate out truth from propaganda and because you believed there were no jobs without verifying it yourself – you have to accept responsibility.    

You know there are no jobs.  The media talk insistently about a “jobless recovery”. The ‘classifieds’ are scant.  The job boards often have had the same tombstone ad up for months and you’ve already applied several times and heard nothing.  If you turn on the television, or glance at the headlines in a magazine or newspaper, there’s nothing but bad news. The economy sucks…  and there’s no way out. 

You've been lied to.

Yes, you’ve been told over and over and over again that there are no jobs.  And that is absolutely, unequivocally false.   

There are lots of jobs in America.  Millions of new hires are made every month. What’s more, millions of jobs go unfilled each and every month. 

Here’s what I’m talking about.

Just this past August [2011], there were 4,014,000 million “hires” in America and millions more jobs went unfilled.  

That fact should make you pause. 

It should stop you dead in your tracks. 

Let me ask you seriously, did you see those numbers reported anywhere?  Anywhere at all?  Was it reported in the news?  I mean that’s the kind of ‘good’ news that should make the NEWS right?  Did you see 4 million jobs in the classifieds or the job boards?  Didn’t think so.  We can speculate later why it wasn’t news – right now it’s important that you understand the numbers are real. 

The United States Department of Labor keeps very good records, thought it’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, on two critical measures;

  • Hires Levels and rates by industry and region, and
  • Job Openings by industry and region.

Clearly new job creation is critical on a macroeconomic level – and that's what the media and the politicians focus on because it's easy to see.  But analyzing those two measures – Hires and Job openings – paints a different picture on a micro-economic basis.  There's plenty of opportunity for you at the micro-economic level.  Please allow me to explain. 

Let’s look at what ‘hires’ means.

The definition of ‘hires’ from the Bureau of labor Statisitcs

Hires are the total number of additions to the payroll occurring at any time during the reference month, including both new and rehired employees, full-time and part-time, permanent, short-term and seasonal employees, employees recalled to the location after a layoff lasting more than 7 days, on-call or intermittent employees who returned to work after having been formally separated, and transfers from other locations.  The hires count does not include transfers or promotions within the reporting site, employees returning from strike, employees of temporary help agencies or employee leasing companies, outside contractors, or consultants.

The chart below show the latest data from the United States Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics  Clearly there were more than 4 million people hired.  If you’re looking for a job, that’s important to know.  The jobless recovery isn’t adding many new jobs but there were still 4 million people were hired last month. 

August 2011 Hires level

Unfilled Job Openings

As well, there were 3,056,000 unfilled job openings: in August as shown by the chart below.  This data is also from the United States Department of Labor: Bureau of Labor Statistics   I'm betting you didn't know that either. 

  August 2011 New Hires

The numbers don’t lie – 7 million jobs

Combined, the two surveys amount to more than 7 million jobs.   You can trace the historical data back for the last few years and see that every month millions of people are hired AND every month millions of jobs go unfilled at every level.  This is not a simple supply/demand mismatch of skills.  Nor do I believe it’s a conspiracy to keep wages low. 


If you’re looking for a job, the fact that the unemployment rate went up or down is irrelevant – you’re still 100% unemployed.  On an individual, micro-economic basis, the questions you should be asking yourself is, “how could I have been one of the 4 million people hired this month?   How can I tap into the 3 million jobs that went unfilled.” 


David Perry is managing partner of recruiting firm Perry-Martel international Inc. and  co-author of, Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0: How to Stand Out from the Crowd and Tap Into the Hidden Job Market using Social Media and 999 other Tactics Today

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