Reject Rejection

Your response to a letter of rejection may, incredibly, get you the job, according to California-based James Adams, a career expert and former job-search consultant to the U.S. government.


"I was consulted by a woman who interviewed very well for a position, but still got a letter of rejection after applying. Most people would have torn up the letter and gone on to other things," says Adams.


Instead, Adams told her to write a gracious reply, thanking the company for their time and reaffirming her strong desire to work for them.


Did it work?


"The top contender for the position had to relocate on short notice. The hiring panel remembered the letter they got from the really eager and pleasant woman who replied to their rejection letter. She got the job," says Adams.



Action Step: Write a polite reply to every rejection notice you get. Thank the company for their time and restate your strong desire to work for them.


One more thing, I would suggest you include a final sentence requesting that the hiring manager(s) pass your name on to other fine companies who may be looking for talented employees.


Say something like this: “Because you saw enough value in my background to consider me for this position, would you be so kind as to pass my name and resume on to anyone you know who would benefit from my skills and experience? Thank you very much in advance!”


Compliments of David Perry and Kevin Donlin

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