The Secret to Working with Recruiters that Job Hunters just don’t know about

Recruiters aka headhunters – are starting to call again.  Have you noticed?  Are you ready?  Boomerang Do you know what to do to answer the call so you get picked and considered for their opportunities?

Here's the secret

Show them proof!

Keep an up-to-date deal sheet – instead of a resume – on your PC at work which you can share with recruiters when they call. Your IT department won’t accidentally find it and automatically assume you’re looking for a new job.


Employers care 1st about who you’ve sold – 2nd how much you’ve sold – and 3rd is your rolodex useful to them. While you may not want to have a resume in circulation with contingency recruiters, a deal sheet can only help you.

Now, this advice isn't just for 'sales' types.  Think about what proof you have that you're dong a great job and have it handy when the call comes in. 

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