Throw Away Your Resume!

In spite of those who tried to stop us – my book launch in Detroit was a success.   If you’re still looking for a job what I’m about to tell you is important.   

When Kevin Donlin and I decided we were going to Detroit to launch my book Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters we did it knowing full well that Detroit was the hardest hit major city in America. Unemployment was north of 30% in surrounding areas.

We thought we would be welcomed with open arms. 

We were dead wrong. [I’ll get to that in a second.]   In preparation we:

  • booked an auditorium
  • put out a press release
  • called all the radio and TV outlets in Detroit in case they wanted to interview us about how our guerrilla job search tactics were helping people get jobs in as little as 7 weeks [one did]
  • contracted with a television camera crew to capture the 2 hours on tape, and
  • hired an editor to produce a DVD. [We thought we could film the 2 hour event and sell the DVD to recoup our costs.] 

Lastly, we put the word out through job search clubs and coaches in and around Detroit. 

That was our downfall. 

Six days before the event I logged on to Event Bright to see how many people had signed up. NONE.  That's right with 6 days to go not one person was coming.  I couldn’t figure out why.  When Kevin and i talked in other cities people came out in record numbers.  In Toronto for example the venue had to be changed 4 times as the organizer who was hoping to attract 50 people saw 283 show up…. many not getting in… but I digress.

In a panic I started calling the job search clubs to see if they knew what was going on.  And after leaving a few dozen voicemails I finally connected with one.   Their candor rocked my world. 

They told me that it wasn’t in their best interest to help anyone get a job faster than normal.

Huh?  They explained to me that they got paid by several agencies to help people look for a job AND they also made money by charging job hunters to come and listen to their speakers every week,  so it wasn't in their best interest to help them get back to work quickly. 

I hung up the phone in shock.  Now it would be irresponsible for me to say that all job search clubs or coaches thought this way – that just can’t be true – but their logic was sound.  They were paid for activity NOT results. 

I went apoplectic.    

When I calmed down I called Kevin and told him what I’d found out.  Thankfully he’s levelheaded and brilliant.  He’s also a man of action who makes things happen.  With an hour he had hired a plane to fly over the football game against The University of Notre Dame that weekend towing a giant banner that read:  Job Hunting?  That’s a picture of the banner below.  And then Kevin issued a press release announcing a contest. 


We filled the place and had a great event. 

And we made a decision to give the DVD away… lots of them. 

The uptake has been outstanding. 

Here's what's in it for you.

People have gotten jobs just by watching the video. They’ve had that a-huh moment.  They’ve gotten unstuck and landed jobs quickly.  Many in less than 7 weeks a few in under two weeks.  It will soon be time for us to recoup our investment – but for now the DVD is still free. 

So if:

  • you’re stuck and wondering why
  • tired of sending out resumes and never hearing back from people 
  • burned through your network of contacts and still come up empty
  • have trouble articulating to an employer why your perfect OR
  • just tired of doing the same thing over and over again expecting success

…then watch the DVD. 

You’ve got everything to gain.  But do it now because I want to start selling this and it will only be FREE for a little while more. 

What's the catch?  

I want you to try these ideas and see that they work AND then tell all your friends how you landed your job – I want them to come back in a few weeks buy a copy of the DVD for $49.99 [remember free won’t last] or hire one of our coaches to do a Guerrilla Résumé for them. 

Don't share your DVD with your friends.  That's your competitive advantage.  Just tell them where they can get their own copy after you land.

Here's a link to read the whole story  OR

Grab Your FREE Copy Now While You Still Can use code: 49DVD 

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