Walk Right In, Sit Right Down

Robbie Brawner Ouzts, Director of Career Services at Oglethorpe University, tells the story of a gung-ho job seeker who got hired after walking into a job interview meant for somebody else! “An administrative professional, we’ll call her, ‘Shirley,’ got so frustrated after sending out resumes with no response that she decided to call on companies in person.” At 10:00 one morning, she walked into the lobby of a local business. Unknown to her, the hiring manager was expecting another woman for a 10:00 job interview. “Shirley walked in and looked dressed for an interview, so the employer thought it was his 10:00 appointment. He started talking to her and thought she was wonderful,” says Ouzts. After 10 minutes, the hiring manager realized his mistake, but Shirley handed him her resume for review. The interview continued … and she got a job as an office manager. What about that candidate who was originally scheduled to interview at 10:00? “She never did show up,” says Ouzts. Action Step: Shirley’s stroke of good fortune seems pretty incredible, like winning the job lottery. But before you dismiss her tactic as something that could never happen to you, understand this critical point: Shirley created her this break all by herself. Put another way, this could have never happened to Shirley if she had spent that morning at home in front of the TV, sulking about her job search. You can literally make your own luck if you get proactive and seek out hiring managers in person. If you’re at all reluctant about calling on employers in person, you have company. The thought of cold calling can be intimidating. Yet, ask yourself this: if you go out to meet hiring managers, what’s the worst that could happen? They say no. Big deal. Dust yourself off, and try again. But what’s the worst that can happen if you sit idly at home and wait for the phone to ring with job offers? The bank could foreclose on your mortgage. Your landlord could evict you. Your significant other could leave you for someone else. Hmm. That’s an easy choice, isn’t it?

Compliments of David E Perry and Kevin Donlin. For more creative job search tactics, go to the Guerrilla Marketing for job hunters blog and download the free audio CD.

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