WAR STORY — Win a Free Pizza

After being laid off, George Brown knew exactly which company he wanted to work for next, but every time he called, Human Resources told him the company wasn’t hiring. So George sprang into action, and another guerrilla job-hunter was born. George printed business cards that were round, slightly larger than normal, and very colorful. On the front was a picture of a pizza with a circle-shaped message: “Win a Free Pizza.” The flip side of the card gave his name, e-mail address, and telephone number along with the promise of a pizza for the first person to get him an interview with a manager in the company. Dressed for an interview, George stationed himself at the entrance of the company and handed out cards to everybody who would take one. He kept this up for a couple of days and became a topic of conversation at the company. One manager figured that anyone who would go to so much effort deserved an interview. One extra-large pizza later, George guerrilla-marketed his way to the job of his dreams at very little expense, and the company is more profitable because of it. Compliments of Shari Miller, Principle of The Elmhurst Group, www.elmhurstgroup.com….

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